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6 Reasons to Use Google Ads

6 Reasons to Use Google Ads

Google Ads is Googles online advertising program that allows all types of businesses both big and small reach their audience through Google’s wide range of users. The Google Ads program is Pay-Per-Click otherwise known as PPC marketing, meaning you pay each time some clicks on your ad. As of earlier this year over 61% of people, use Google as their search engine compared to other search engines. Since the vast majority of people use Google as their search engine, here are just a few reasons to use Google Ads to advertise.

6 Reasons to Use Google Ads

  1. Google Large Reach

With almost 260 million unique visitors, Google was ranked most popular multi-platform web property in the United States. Now this didn’t just include Google search but also included YouTube, Gmail, and other platforms owned by Google. This just shows how large of a reach Google has and how advertising through them can reach virtually anyone.

  1. Specific Targeting

Google Ads allows you to target your audience through some key features including location, demographics, and other features. These are just a few of the many targeting options you have to choose from when building your Google Ads.

  1. Audience Intent

When an individual is interested in a product or service they typically think “I’ll just Google it” and find what they’re looking for there. When they get on a search engine like Google their intent is to either buy a product or service or at least do some research for a future purchase.

Now with other platforms you can advertise on like social media, the viewers aren’t looking in that moment at making a purchase when they see your ad as they would when they are searching for it. So, the intent of the audience using Google is typically better.

  1. Control of Your Ads

When it comes to building and managing your ads you have full control of them from what they say to what your budget is. If the individual has the knowledge and time to build and manage the ads properly then they should have no problem setting the proper guidelines and budget for the ads.

  1. See Results

The Google Ads platform has great features to tract your results. You are able to virtually see anything from the demographic and location of people clicking your ads to the devices their using and what keywords and ads received the most impressions. The Google Ads platform has a wide range of features to track your results so you can determine if the ROI is worth it.

  1. Faster Results than SEO

While Search Engine Optimization is still the bread and butter to the most popular sites, it isn’t something that happens overnight. SEO is a long but beneficial journey, but for those that want more immediate results while they build their SEO, Google Ads might be the solution.

Bringing your website to the top of the Organic search results takes time while Google ads get posted above the organic results. Landing a top spot in the Google Ads results isn’t as easy as it sounds, so you need to know what you are doing in order to reach those top spots along with having a proper budget.


Is Google Ads Right for You?

While these 6 reasons to use Google Ads may sound simple to some it can be a confusing and costly mistake for individuals that just try to “wing it”. So, for those that feel they’re company would benefit from using Google Ads (which should be most) be sure you either have the time to learn how to use it properly or hire a marketing agency that has the expertise to do so for you.

At Superior Strategy Marketing we see Google Ads to be a useful tool in advertising for all types of industries from Law Firms and Vet Clinics to Lawn Care and Hardware Stores. If you feel the online advertising space such as Google Ads is the right direction, in order for your company to grow than contact us to discuss a plan that is right for you. Call us at 601-326-0815 or email us at